EBS gives you the opportunity to study abroad in India and launch your global future during college.

Our India program allows you to learn another culture and speak one of the top five languages in the world while sitting next to university students from all over Asia. Study abroad not only expands your worldview but also expands your resume and future opportunities!

We at EBS are passionate about making study abroad in India attainable! Depending on the level of services you choose, we can assist you through every step of the process from choosing a program to getting settled in your new city. We know that India can change your life and your perspective. Every EBS team member has lived in India and loves the culture, language and people! We are committed to providing quality services to every university student who wants to study abroad. Think of us as your personal support team to go from application to studying on campus in India.

"Live as if you will die tomorrow; learn as if you will live forever."



Our team members live in India!  You will have American mentors who live in the same city as you and know how to engage a new culture.  We will help you learn how to thrive in India.

We are inclusive of everyone having an opportunity to learn in another culture.
You will not only study on an international campus but EBS also provides opportunities for growth through internships with local companies or volunteering with non-profit agencies.
We want you to have a world-class educational experience.  We will only work with universities who have international accreditation.
We can provide you with face to face support (depending on the level of service you choose) through every step of the process from program selection to transition back to the US.
We take your health and safety seriously and will provide you with access to fully accredited doctors and hospitals and have plans for every potential disaster you can think of.




EBS provides study away opportunities for American college students to study at one of New Delhi’s top colleges. The following programs are available for Spring and Fall 2020. Contact us to find out more!

Full-time Study Abroad- 1 Semester

  • Up to 12 credits transferred to student’s university:
  • 3-6 credits Hindi Language
  • 3-6 credits Indian History or Social Sciences
  • Service certificate for volunteer work (optional)
  • Monthly Tourist Excursions across India
  • Monthly seminar in Culture and Transition
  • Package includes: housing, utilities, home-cooked dinners, transport, Student Center access, and tuition.
  • Cost: $7,500 USD per semester + $2500 Travel*

Part-Time Study Abroad- 1 or 2 semesters

  • 3 credits Hindi Language at Sri Venkateswara College, New Delhi
  • EBS-taught seminars in Culture and Transition
  • Service certificate for volunteer work (optional)
  • Internship in international business with EBS Study Office
  • Package Includes: Housing, utilities, Student Center access, and tuition.
  • Cost: $4,000 per semester + $2500 Travel*


  • Education: Student-teaching and education internships at a WASP- certified international school (K-12)
  • Summer service projects in education, business, or the arts
  • Occupational Therapy: 12 week graduate rotation
  • Business internships: International Business, Non-Profit Business, and micro-enterprise options
  • Cost: varies

*Payment can be made by student’s home college, through financial aid, or personally. Students also have the option to raise funds for their study abroad through tax-deductible donations.


Here is some information that will help you get started. 


To be eligible to study in India through EBS:
  • You need to be a high school graduate or GED recipient.
  • You need to be a college student in good academic and disciplinary standing.


  • Contact your advisor. Ask for any needed information or approval before contacting your university’s study abroad office.
  • Contact your study abroad office and ask if there are any programs already offered for study abroad in India. Many institutions do not yet offer study abroad in India, and more specifically in Delhi, the capital of India.
  • Contact EBS. We will proceed with you based on which programs (if any) your study abroad office offers in India, and what you are looking for.
  • ENROLL with EBS. Our team will help you select a Tier of Service to move forward in planning your study abroad in India with EBS!


Interested? Questions? Get in touch with our team:


  • Begin the application process now by creating an account on the EBS Onboarding Portal.
  • After logging in you will be able to complete your profile, fill out an application, upload key documents and track the progress of your application.


  • We do not discriminate based on age, ancestry, disability, color, national origin, race, religion, gender or sexual orientation.
  • We reserve the right to reject applicants based on academic, disciplinary, conduct and other considerations. If you are concerned that you might not be accepted based on one of these considerations, please contact us. We are happy to discuss your options.
  • Each university overseas sets minimum GPA and other requirements for admission. Students must meet these requirements to be accepted by the university; however, a GPA higher than the minimum does not guarantee acceptance.
  • Applicants should be in good academic and conduct standing at their home institutions prior to studying abroad. Students currently on academic probation or probation resulting from a conduct violation may apply; however, the probationary period must be over and sanctions set forth by the home institution must be complete before the student begins the program.


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