5 Things You Must Know Before You Study in India

India is a unique land filled with explosive culture, countless traditions, over 1000 languages and the list can go on. It is definitely a place where you can expect the unexpected. A land full of surprises, Yes, we are not kidding. Maybe a cow will surprise you at the corner of the next lane.

Here are some things you should know before you can study in India.

■ Be prepared for a few (maybe more) culture shocks
When you come to live in India, there are going to be a lot of things that will surprise you, shock you, and be different for you. These don’t include the famous ‘Indian head bob’ or ‘eating with your hands’. The lifestyle and general unique habits of Indians are somethings that you will need to get used to and you may even enjoy. For example, Indian children usually live with their parents until they get married, and this is totally normal since family is a huge part of Indian culture. In fact, an 18-year-old moving out and getting their own apartment would be a big deal.

Get Used to Being ‘The Foreigner’
A lot of Indians are fascinated with foreigners simply because they view fair skin as a coveted quality. You may find that you will unknowingly attract attention to yourself or have people ask you if they can take a picture with you. However, you will always find people ever ready to help you and support you in case you need assistance.

■ Dress Modestly
Most Indians are a little conservative when it comes to dressing. This is more applicable to women than men. Exposing too much skin may lead to unwanted attention and this is sometimes considered culturally inappropriate. Dressing modestly or even wearing Indian outfits will help you blend in a lot better.

■ Patience! You Will Be Taught 
The time zone in India is ‘Indian Standard Time’ or, in most cases, ‘Indian Stretchable Time’.
 You may find things not getting done on time or there being unexpected delays. The traffic and crowded public transport can also sometimes test your patience. But, fear not. You will soon find your own way to maneuver situations to your benefit. Indians call this term ‘jugaad’, which means a ‘hack’ or a creative way to do something.

■ People Are The Best GPS
If you want to get from one place to another, it is often better to ask people for directions instead of using Google Maps, especially if you want to go through the shortcuts and ‘gullys’, which are narrow lanes.

Well, these are a few tips to help you get started. Studying in India is an experience and one that is worth having.