Running on Chai

You’ve probably had a chai latte at your favorite coffee shop in the United States, but India elevates chai to a whole new level. Use Google Translate and you’ll find that “tea” translates from English to Hindi as चाय or “chai.” But in India, chai is more than just a generic word for tea. It’s a specific kind of tea and it’s not only a beverage – it’s an experience of flavor, warmth and community.

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Dancing In Delhi

Hearing clapping and voices singing ‘Happy Birthday’ was a magical gift for a baby girl turning 1. Not yet walking, she giggled with happiness and pulled herself up to dance in a circle. Everyone in the room was amazed and couldn’t believe what they were witnessing! This surprise wasn’t just any moment, it was my moment. I am a dancer and this is my story…

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Climbing Mountains in Delhi (And Beyond)

I’m dangling from a rock ledge 50 feet off the ground, heart pounding, mind racing trying to determine my next move. I extend my right hand to reach for the next hold and a bat comes scurrying out of a crevice directly above me. We lock eyes for a couple of seconds and he (or she?) flies away. Yes, according to, bats can see.

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