Settling In: Learning How to Live Abroad

I absolutely love travel! I crave adventure, and one of my biggest fears is being stuck in one place for the rest of my life. It is funny though, because coming to India has made me miss my small-town home.

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Running on Chai

You’ve probably had a chai latte at your favorite coffee shop in the United States, but India elevates chai to a whole new level. Use Google Translate and you’ll find that “tea” translates from English to Hindi as चाय or “chai.” But in India, chai is more than just a generic word for tea. It’s a specific kind of tea and it’s not only a beverage – it’s an experience of flavor, warmth and community.

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Study in India

EBS and COVID-19

The EBS team is working hard to navigate the global effects of Covid-19. During these times, we are working on our programs for future students to study in Delhi. We cannot predict when international borders will open, but we can make every effort to ensure that you have great options in India starting from Fall 2021!
If you are interested in studying or interning with EBS in India starting Summer 2021, we would love to connect with you personally. Email us at or DM us on our Instagram page to get started today!