Can Studying Abroad Help You Change the World?

Not only is studying abroad a once in a lifetime opportunity, it can also help you change the world. Here are 4 reasons why…

1.Cultural Perspective

As humans, we often evaluate or judge other cultures according to preconceptions that originate from the standards and customs of our own culture. If my memory serves me right, I learned about this concept of ethnocentrism in my college days thanks to Sociology 101. At the time, this concept for me was nothing more than a definition to memorize for a test. Now that I am living in India, my daily experiences help me understand this concept so much better.

And that’s just it… getting to experience a new country and culture for yourself will give you an outlook on the world that can’t be gained by studying from afar. Encountering distinct cultural differences and similarities will allow you to learn from and better understand a nation’s people and history. You will experience a new way of life through customs, language, beliefs, values, food, music, clothing, leisure, sports, and so much more.

Young men playing India’s most popular sport, Cricket.

Imagine yourself studying abroad, getting to know a fellow classmate from a culture that is completely new to you. As you become friends and share about your life experiences, you discover differences but also similarities that will have you realize you’re not so different from each other after all. I didn’t experience this until after college, but it is my hope that you will be able to experience this while in college and gain perspective that will help you change the world.

2. Education

India is home to world-class, internationally recognized universities such as University of Delhi, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) – which is named after India’s first prime minister.

  • Experiencing the high academic standards these universities follow will inspire you to approach learning with gusto!
  • Different educational styles and approaches will help you think about your field of study in a new way.
  • Understanding your host country’s history, customs, and language will open up a wider scope of learning opportunities and insights that you would not otherwise receive.
  • Not only this, but studying abroad can enhance your resume, graduate school possibilities, and career options.

An international educational experience will help equip and position you to have a positive impact globally
and in your home country.

The JNU campus is located in South Delhi.

3. Make Lifelong Friends

Groups of friends gather at Central Park in Delhi.

Friendships make life incredibly rich, so why not make new friends in another country! Sharing life experiences and personal interests is valuable to you and your new friends. International friendships are personally rewarding and important contacts in your professional network. So when you land that job as the Governor of California, the U.S. Ambassador to India, or the CEO of a multinational corporation, you’ll have friends across the world who you can work together with to enact positive change in the world.

4. Leadership & Business Skills

Studying abroad will grow your ability to adapt to diverse situations, solve problems, work with others, and be persistent. It will also give you interactions with internationals, which is an opportunity to influence each other, develop new skills and evolve into better leaders together. You and those you meet can be world changers as you decide to use your skills to solve problems, small and large, both now and in the future!

Mahatma Gandhi was an Indian activist who led the Indian independence movement against British rule.