Colors of India: My Top 10 Photos

India is a fascinating place that enlivens all of the senses… my eyes can hardly take in all of the colorful sites! I have always been a huge fan of colors, from expressing myself through fashion, to decorating my apartment, to drawing in a coloring book. To say the least, it is incredible to travel across India and joyfully experience every color imaginable! Here are my Top 10 photos of colorful India.

1. Surrounded by a sea of colors at an Indian wedding… from the decorations to the dancing, to women’s saris.


2. How often in your life do you see a pink building? I know this is one of my firsts.


3. Prayer flags blowing in the wind near a Tibetan Buddhist Temple.


4. The details and craftsmanship that go into these handbags are amazing! 


5. Exactly what a typical Indian shopping bazaar looks like… bursting with color along every street!


6. I rode in my first gondola… in India… on a lake… in the mountains.


7. The annual handicraft fair has everything… amusement park rides, dance performances, food, and of course crafts.


8. It’s never hard to spot the brightly colored auto rickshaws driving around Delhi.


9. Fresh spices, from none other than the Old Delhi spice market.


10. Eclectic street art in Hauz Khas Village!