The Day I Became a Princess in India

Ever since I was a little girl, I had two favorite things, 1) Walt Disney’s animated movie, ‘Aladdin’, and 2) The color pink. I was so fascinated with Princess Jasmine from ‘Aladdin’ that I literally wanted to be like her growing up. My grandma even sewed me a two-piece costume, you know the classic Princess Jasmine look (off-the-shoulder crop top and harem pants). And for Christmas one year, I received the Princess Jasmine jewelry accessories to complete the outfit. Still, into my young adulthood, I have dressed up as Princess Jasmine three additional times for various costume parties. Clearly, you see the obsession (haha)!

Coming to India, I knew instantly that if I ever got the chance to wear a saree, I’d want it to be magenta pink and hoped it would remind me of my younger self-dressing up as Princess Jasmine. This sounds like a tall order to fill, but little did I know that it was all about to come true!

As I stepped into my first saree shop, the walls were covered floor to ceiling with every color imaginable! This is the moment I knew a fun challenge was ahead because there was an abundance of hot pink colored sarees. Once I told the shop staff the desired color I was seeking, the sarees kept on coming and coming. Laughing and smiling with excitement, I finally narrowed down my options to two I liked best. After gaining the opinions of my friends, I chose a sheer fabric rich in magenta pink and gold threaded details. It was perfectly stunning!

The day finally came for me to be dressed in my magenta pink saree. Considering wrapping and folding a saree is very meticulous, I sought out assistance from my friend’s neighbor. After she closed the last pin and fluffed the bottom of my saree, giddy excitement rushed over me like a little girl. Only in India could I attend a wedding feeling like a real-life Princess Jasmine.