Expat Proposes 10 Ways to Thrive Amidst Delhi’s Heat

“Delhi heat, this is my resolute response to your exorbitant summer temperatures…”

North Dakota, USA, a domain of extremes. January is frigid and frost bitten while July is muggy and sweat inducing. Of course, there are many beautiful in-between moments as the seasons change, but we North Dakotans like to highlight the extremes and tout our toughness. Does this past experience prepare me to survive the torrid heat of my new home, India’s capital city?

This is my first summer in Delhi. The temperatures are already topping 100 F (38 C). These daily extremes are like a persistent seller, difficult to ignore and always provoking a reaction. How will I react to high temperatures above 110 F (43 C) through May and June? How would you react?

The heat sneaks inside to gnaw at me. I take one step outside and the sun begins its merciless thrashing. Can I “beat the heat”? Not entirely, I don’t think. Perhaps I can cope with it though, adapt to it, even thrive amidst it?

Delhi heat… here is my reaction, my resolute response to your exorbitant summer temperatures. (I encourage you, dear reader, to enact a similar methodology in Delhi and beyond.)

1. I will frequently and unapologetically eat Naturals Ice Cream. Pair the coconut ice cream with fresh mango on top for an unforgettable combination!

Naturals Lajpat Nagar location in South Delhi

2. I will drink iced tea and coffee. Mint iced tea or iced coconut latte anyone?

Bubble tea at Cha Bar in Central Delhi’s Connaught Place

3. I will balance outdoor activities with long pauses in front of the AC at home.

Rock climbing at Dhauj, Haryana near Delhi

4. I will not stand for the afternoon heat! Rather, I will lay down and take a nap.

Even the Delhi street dogs need an afternoon nap

5. I will send What’s App messages to let my family and friends know I’m still alive.

6. I will have a good attitude and positive outlook – after all, I’m very thankful to have AC and access to cold, clean drinking water.

Bottled water is readily available at local restaurants

7. I will post on social media to show off my toughness, or lack thereof.

8. I will have a staring contest with the sun. That’s a joke. 10 out of 10 optometrists agree that staring at the sun is a bad idea!

A regal sunset at Humayun’s Tomb in Delhi

9. I will visit the lake with my friends to enjoy a refreshing swim.


Nainital Lake in Uttarakhand

10. I will remind myself that monsoon rains are on the way.