Hauz Khas Village

Living in Delhi fuels my curiosity and excites me to explore. I instinctively know that I must start checking out what this big city of old and new has to offer. Hauz Khas Village is the first neighborhood I venture to (apart from the neighborhood where I reside, of course).

Walking down the streets of Hauz Khas Village I realize this area is popularized by youngsters, or hipsters, as I like to call them. Whether shopping at a unique boutique, eating local bites from a street vendor or trendy cafe, taking photographs of ancient ruins, or relaxing in the park; everyone appears to enjoy their time hanging out with friends. I see a breakdancer busting out awesome moves under a gazebo and a small group of guys jamming out with guitar and song. It definitely is an eventful experience.      

Upon arriving with my friend, Shannon, we are ready to jump in and find a great place to grab tasty grub for lunch. Among the overwhelming options, we chose this industrial, brick exposed restaurant called “Garage”. It has a laid-back atmosphere and quite tasty food. Maybe we’ll come back later to play foosball.


We venture over to Hauz Khas Fort, the medieval 13th-14th Century ruins consisting of a water tank, Islamic seminary, mosque, tomb, and pavilions. The architecture showcases monumental beauty. I learn that the ruins are most well known for their accompaniment to the original 123.5-acre water tank, now lake, which can be seen from all angles. This ancient water reservoir is where Hauz Khas, meaning “Royal Lake”, takes its name from.

To get a closer view of this massive water tank, we stroll around Deer Park. True to the park’s name, there really are deer roaming the facilities; in addition to colorful peacocks, monkeys going bananas, chirping birds, and adorable squirrels. It’s definitely the place to be for animal and nature lovers.


Among all of our exploring and capturing photos, we build up an appetite for cold, creamy ice cream at Naturals. Rich in flavor and made with all natural ingredients, you can buy a cup, cone, or even a tub of this scrumptious stuff. Definitely some of the best ice cream our tongues have licked in Delhi.


With our time coming to an end, we realize we only scratched the surface of Hauz Khas Village. For next time, here are the top hot spots I’d like to visit:

Restaurants & Cafes

  • The beauty of Deer Lake is a site to see, so what better way to enjoy the amazing views of the water than in the urban atmosphere of Hauz Khas Social
  • When I’m looking for late-night fun any day of the week, I can be entertained with live music, karaoke, and comedy events at Raasta.
  • I love authentic South Indian cuisine, and Naivedyam is known for its peaceful ambiance and inexpensive prices, I’m excited to try one of their 30 crispy, crepe-like dosas and a fresh fruit juice.
  • Apparently, there’s a cafe that revolves around travel, books, and drinking coffee at whatever price the customer chooses to pay. Count me in at Kunzum Travel Cafe


  • I love all things bright and fun! Definitely interested in purchasing Indian inspired souvenirs and colorful lifestyle items at Chumbak. They even have a great blog that I will surely follow.
  • A mix of a stationary and lifestyle brand store, Letternote looks like a great place to find inspirational graphic products. I am in need of new wall art…

Art Galleries

  • I find modern art fascinating and DAG Modern art gallery showcases the largest Indian modern artwork in all of India. Its flagship gallery is in Hauz Khas Village, Delhi and also has two other locations in Mumbai and Manhattan.