Living Your Passion

Everybody has a passion; a cause to which they are fiercely loyal to and desire to make a difference in the world. My name is Jeri and my passion is the abolishment human slavery. I hate slavery and how it makes humans objects, especially women, instead of their created image in God. (Yes, I am a creationist but that is for another blog).

This became my passion about ten years ago when I worked with teenage girls in the foster care system and saw how they were trafficked in Detroit, Michigan. I was shocked that human trafficking happened in my hometown! I know that you may not be shocked, but remember this was before the iPhone 4 came on the scene and sex trafficking wasn’t talked about in most circles. I heard stories from the young girls how they would be lured into trafficking by an older man offering them a place to stay and then the situation went into a terrible downward spiral and they were being raped repeatedly by his “friends”. You see, I don’t believe in sugar coating the ugly truth about sex trafficking; it is rape. I told you this was my passion.

Now fast forward and I am living in India. While I have lived in India for the past five years, I have continued pursuing my passion to see women and children set free!  I have talked with young girls who are waiting to be sold in the villages of Rajasthan and had chai with madams in Delhi. I have helped programs in a local slum to prevent sex trafficking and have loved and played with children whose moms and/or dads work in a red light district. In short, I have had incredible opportunities and have met men and women who have even more dedication and passion than me. I don’t want to mislead you to think you will have all of these opportunities if you come and spend a semester or a year in Delhi because relationships take time in India. I mean would you tell your most precious secret to someone you had known for less than six months?


So what can you expect to do in order to combat slavery while you are here in India? First, realize that being an American isn’t always an advantage when working with human slavery in Asia. We stick out and draw attention to agencies that are trying to reach out to women without getting into trouble. Just know that while you may not walk down a red light district in India, you are still extremely valuable to the cause and to freedom! Don’t focus on what you can’t do but focus on what you can do! Second, learn as much as you can about human slavery and become an advocate. Talk with the Indian men and women who have been and continue to pursue freedom for everyone. Hear their stories and encourage them to continue to fight! Third, learn Hindi so you can talk with young girls and boys in the slums and prevent slavery. We have to talk in their heart language to be able to share with them how important and valued they are to us and how important freedom is for everyone. Fourth, get involved in the United States and start joining the fight for freedom now! Two great organizations that I have worked with and absolutely love are Project Rescue and International Justice Ministry (IJM) and both of them are here in India!

If you believe with me that #onegirlistoomany and #onedayistoolong please use these hashtags on your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. If you want to know more about human slavery or the two organizations; please email me at Start now and help us to be in it to end it!